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The rules and policies listed below regulate using http://dollproject.net/shop website. By viewing and using the webiste you accept all the terms.

The website is owned by Perfect World, a company located in Warsaw, Poland.

The purpose of the website is selling illustrated erotic stories.

This website contains adult, sexually-oriented content intended for individuals 21 years of age or older. If you are not yet 21, if adult material offends you, or if you are accessing this site from any country or locale where adult material is prohibited by law, please leave now.

The owner has a right to modify terms of use and privacy policy.



If not stated otherwise, all the rights to the presented materials belong to the owner of the website. Publishing the materials fresented as free samples without clearly stating the source, is forbidden. Publishing, sharing or spreading the materials for sale is forbidden.


Privacy policy

Information about privacy policy are avaliable at the addess: http://dollproject.net/privacy

The owner of the website gathers the personal data only to deliver products, tax settlement and, in exceptional cases, contacting the client by e-mail.



There may be links to external websites on dollproject.net/shop. Owner of the webisite is not responsibe for the content of the websites belonging to third parties.


Scope of service

The website is used as an online shop selling illustrated erotic novels. Considering character of offered goods (electronic files) returning the product is not possible. In special cases (ex. Accidentally purchasing the same product twice), there is a possibility to return the money.

The user is acknowledges that offered materials are intended for adults only and can be find as offensive by some people, so they buy and use it on their own responsibility.

The owner of the website has a right to change shop's offer.

The payments are processed by third party: Verotel (https://www.verotel.com)



If you have any questions please contact: administrator@dollproject.pl